The Wholehearted Way Community by Amanda Jane Mckay

The Wholehearted Way Community

A place to be nourished and free to be who you are!
You are someone who cares deeply about what is happening to the earth and humanity and aware we have to make some pretty big changes.

You spend a lot of time wondering about the impact we are having on the future children. 

You find yourself constantly thinking about whats going to happen and coming up with ideas for how we can create change. 

It feels so big and so large you wonder how you would ever be able to do it on your own.

You know what is needed is a miracle and The Wholehearted Way community is the magic that makes it all possible. 

Wholehearted Values

We believe in Co-Creating Your Future - Giving yourself permission to connect with and create a life you love

We Believe in BEing the change we want to see in the world

We Believe in Community. Discover your tribe of wild ones just like you who are crazy enough to think we can change the world

We Believe in Raising our vibration and feeling in flow

We Believe in living a life where everything you do is wholeheartedly YOU. Abundantly loving, being and contributing

We are Committed to Uncovering - How Can Life Get Even More Beautiful Than This!


There are two tiers of Membership "Wholehearted Warrior" or "Wholehearted Lover"

Are You a Wholehearted Warrior?

We rise by lifting others. Our Members site is full of guidance, support and fun challenges designed to hold you accountable and embody the best version of you (permission to be the super human that you know deep down you are)

You receive:

  • Live Conference Calls -  dive into juicy conversations
  • Feel supported - ask questions, share ideas, speak from the heart, share your unique journey 
  • Be inspired by guest speakers and bonus lessons
  • Stretch yourself with fun challenges and put your hands up for incredible opportunities 
  • Exclusive discounts to events, programs and products

Minimum 6 Months Commitment 

Plus access:

  • An Almost Perfect Pantry Course
  • Learn To Meditate Course
  • Become An Earth Friendly Human Course
  • 10 Tips to Change Your World E-Book
  • Recorded footage from the following live events: The Wild Ones, Embody Your Rawness and Nourished Beginnings
  • Yoga videos and more!

Over $1000 worth of value for only $44 a month or $444 for the year.

Are You A Wholehearted Lover?

Your ready to dive deep, open yourself up to all you are worthy of and more....

Access everything in the membership and receive intimate 1:1 90 journey each month with Amanda as well as accountability. 

"I don't know if there are words that describe the uplifting joy generated when such a beautiful group of likeminded and supportive souls gather together like we did this morning!! Ongoing friendships and incredible new connections 😍😍 

For 2 years I've been on this journey with you and your Warriors Amanda Jane Mckay, and it is the biggest blessing, thank you πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ’•"
Kellie Butler
"I love creating experiences with intentional connection supporting wholehearted beings into the world of sacred lifestyle creation. Where we play with nature we don’t control our nature. Living a life in integrity and in alignment with our own values. Where we allow ourselves to honour our humanness and our divinity." 

-Amanda Jane McKay 
Founder of Wholehearted Way

The Wholehearted Manifesto

The Wholehearted Way 
Is for the wild ones crazy enough to think we can change the world.

The Wholehearted Way
seeks truth because although it’s hard to look at, hard to hear, hard to speak sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful.

Being Wholehearted Means
I am committed to taking radical responsibility, that means when I individually change, the world changes. I lead the way. The Wholehearted Way.

The Wholehearted Way is knowing 
That our relationships are the interface between our interior and our environment. Nothing thrives in isolation. All things are connected and together we are a whole living eco system.

The Wholehearted Way
Isn’t about living happily ever after, it is about living truthfully now & showing up for all of it.

"Becoming a Wholehearted Warrior was one of the best decisions I've made! It has given me the freedom to be me and the tools to create the life I want to live. It is lovely to be apart of such a welcoming and inspiring community with people who encourage and support you to be the best version of yourself. 

As a Wholehearted Warrior I've also been able to access events that have been life changing. Amanda has amazing contacts with fabulous speakers who all share her passion to inspire and support us to be the best we can be!"
Justine Ritchards
"To make the choice to start taking care of myself for who I am was a hard decision, but what was harder was going through each day feeling more distant from myself.

That is where Amanda and her wholehearted warrior program came to help me, feel connected to myself again, regain confidence and also start taking on the world again as myself. It truly was such a liberating and influential time in my life where I always felt fully supported"
Em Rolfe

Connect in conscious conversation in our inner circle. Access Membership site anytime.

Connection To Nature

Practices and conversations that remind you we are nature. Discover how to live in alignment and value the earth with your everyday decisions

Connection To Others

Honour your humanness - be seen and heard. Hold space for others who are likeminded. In this space everyone feels like a loving supportive family.

Connection To Self

Deepen your relationship with the person you spend most of your life with - YOU! Love all the parts of yourself while taking 100% responsibility for your life and how you show up with others.

Guest Teachers In The Membership

Be supported and inspired by guest speakers monthly who come in and give immense value to the community on a range of topics. We also have guest who regularly support our community with their gifts. 

Meet Jacki Keenan

Guest and Guide on Holistic Parenting
I support mothers and families to make informed choices surrounding their parenting journey. I am passionate about the younger years as I want children to have the best start in life.

I am sharing what I found helpful in my own parenting journey in the hope it could be supportive to you in your own parenting experience.


Am I too young or too old?

The youngest in the community is 20 years old and the oldest is 64 years old. As there is some content in the group that's not appropriate for a younger audience 18 years and up.

When Does It Start?

As soon as you join! This isn't a online program that you follow along although there is a courses available inside. Once you sign up you gain access to everything included in your membership subscription and private group. You can begin to go through content at your own pace. 

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Time I Can Join?

If you're wholeheartedly in - you're wholeheartedly in. A minimum of 6 months. As I love people who make commitments those who join for a year receive a discount. 

Am I Able To Access All The Content Straight Away?

Yes! All the content is available to you upon joining. Emails are sent to your inbox to suggest where to start with the content and where to find information that can support you on your journey.

What platform do you use for the group calls?

Wholehearted Members connect on Zoom.