Destiny Mapping

Using the ancient wisdom of Astrology and the Modern Science of Human Design and Gene Keys to unlock the sacred code of your Soul's Blueprint to Remember why you are here!
"Love, love, love it.... I've just had my Destiny Mapping done by Amanda Jane McKay and it's super mind blowing" 
Nicola Laye

What Is Destiny Mapping?

There is a divine blueprint for your life that is written within and all around you. Destiny mapping is an in-depth look at that blueprint.

 We dive deeply into uncovering the purpose for your life through translating your:
Human Design bodygraph
Gene Keys Activation Sequence
 & Astrological Charts 

It is extremely RARE to find all three of these teachings together in ONE reading! To have all the charts done separately would be over $1000 investment.

I have come to find that integrating all three together gives us the WHOLE PICTURE that is written in the stars.

The reading holds an emphasis on your career path, and providing clarity for the direction you are here to move your energy in this life.

Discover what you are here to build and create, why you signed up for this life and how to stay in alignment with what you came here to do.

"The session with Amanda was so insightful and full of information that completely resonated with not only with who I have become but also it assisted me with how to move forward in life.  There is a lot to unpack so you can really deep dive into both challenges as well as strengths to honour who you are and live your life more authentically.  Amanda was so friendly, encouraging and full of wisdom and compassion.  I couldn't recommend this highly enough for those who are on the path of self-discovery and honouring their soul".
Melanie Oborne


  1. 2 hour 1:1 session to deep dive into Destiny Map - where you can ask questions and receive intuitive guidance
  2. 30+ page Destiny Mapping Document which you can refer to again and again continuing to learn and gain insights from
  3. Video recording of your 1:1 session
"My destiny mapping session with Amanda answered so many queries and has put me on the right path so that I can live authentically in my life, what challenges and blockages I’ve had by carrying the guilt and resentment of multiple traumas and now I can finally unpack and truely heal within myself to achieve my goals. I’m no longer afraid or fearful I’m stepping up and enjoying the journey ahead. 
This is the best gift I’ve given myself and I’m positive I will reflect and delve deeper into my blueprint and recording of our chat. 
Thank you Amanda your a truely wonderful, initiative teacher and I look forward to working with you more."
Renee McMaster
Hi I'm Amanda Jane McKay a Certified Facilitator of Destiny Mapping. 

Almost two years ago I came across Destiny Mapping during a time of doubt desperately seeking clarity on my path. 

I had no idea what Destiny Mapping was when I booked in... but heard a yes within.

Even though all this time has passed since I had my own session I still use my document again and again. When the opportunity came up to become a facilitator myself at the end of 2018 I jumped at the chance as that session gave me all the clarity I need.

Now this system supports those who also hear the call to see what was written in the stars for them!