Become An Earth Friendly Human by Amanda Jane Mckay

Become An Earth Friendly Human

How to create a earth friendly lifestyle - clear toxins from your home and body, reduce plastic use, be a ethical consumer and more.
A Earth friendly lifestyle is one that recognises we are apart of this unique and beautiful ecosystem and our everyday choices do impact the world around us. Become empowered with the tools and knowledge so that you can make your own informed decisions.
Can one person make a difference?

Of course they can!

Think back in history about how 1 person created a movement like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa. Fast forward today and you have people like Oprah, Tony Robbins and Dalai Lama who encourage positive change in the world.
One question that I continually think is what will our future generations think when they look back on this time?

My business has made quite a transformation since it began in 2012. I began by running a workshop that was called “Become An Earth Friendly Human”. The aim of the workshop was to create awareness about some of the issues we currently face and to give people the tools and knowledge to realise one person can make a difference. Now this workshop is available completely online and with a lot more value.
Amanda I believe is our Earth Crusader, who by conducting informative workshops is bringing individuals into consciousness of the damage being caused by human consumerism with their egos ruling their behaviour. Amanda reminds us of the urgency and encourages us to be called to account, with just one small action and adjusting our behaviour will have a positive impact on our precious Earth.
Eleanor Cook

What you'll find inside:

Original workshop repurposed into this easy to follow online course. Topics include: plastic free living, what you can do to end extinction, reduce toxins in your body and home, resources to support you to be an ethical consumer and more!
Wonderful supply of helpful resources

A checklist for every area of the home. Apps, articles, videos, links and interviews so you can have all the tools and support you need for creating your holistic lifestyle.
10 Tips To Change Your World

'Being more' not 'having more' - tips made as simple as possible to support you to create a more meaningful and holistic lifestyle.
Bonus: Grow Your Own Fresh Air Course

According to the Environmental Protection Agency the air inside can be 2-5 times more toxic than the air outside. 8 mini video series will give you all you to know to have cleaner air inside.
Amanda is a shining example of someone being kind, thoughtful and friendly along the way to making ours a better world to live in.
Mike Coward
Hi I am Amanda Jane Mckay Founder of The Wholehearted Way Community, Certified Facilitator of Destiny Mapping and believer in MAGIC!

I feel it when my bare feet touch the earth that we are part of this beautiful and unique ecosystem - we are nature. The world doesn't need saving, the world wants us to show up in all our magic.

This is why I love what I do, as I support soulful beings to connect with a life they love, that is authentic and in alignment with the earth.