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Destiny Mapping

Unlock your souls blueprint written in the stars!
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Learn To Meditate

Discover a variety of ways to meditate so that you can increase self awareness, promote emotional health and generate more peace in your life. 
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"10 Tips To Change Your World" Ebook

'Being more' not 'having more' - tips made as simple as possible to support you to create a more meaningful and holistic lifestyle.
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Nourished Beginnings

A fresh approach to BElonging, BEing and BEcoming will take educators, parents and community members on a journey of self discovery.
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Be Love

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Soul Self Sanctuary

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Hi I am Amanda Jane Mckay Founder of The Wholehearted Way Community, Certified Facilitator of Destiny Mapping and believer in MAGIC!

I feel it when my bare feet touch the earth that we are part of this beautiful and unique ecosystem - we are nature. The world doesn't need saving, the world wants us to show up in all our magic.

This is why I love what I do, as I support soulful beings to connect with a life they love, that is authentic and in alignment with the earth.